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The Farms Choice Coop Juice - Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer

The team at The Farms Choice Organic Fertilizers is always looking for ways to fill the needs of our customers. It came to our attention that a liquid organic product was in demand for some of our customers. We’ve been in the trial phase for about a year or so of developing this product that we’ve name Coop Juice and the results are looking very promising.

Please enjoy the short video that we’ve produced at one of our customers, A and Z Farms. They have been aggressively using and monitoring the results of Coop Juice at their farm and we’re excited about what the future holds for this addition of our line of quality organic fertilizers.

Encanto Beautification Project

Hickman's Family Farms is pleased to help bring out the true beauty of another historic Phoenix icon -- Encanto Golf Course. The Farms Choice is putting the green into the greens, and we are certain that despite the challenges of summer, the course will look even more beautiful very soon.

Click to see progressive photos of project

Also check out the "before" and "after" results using The Farms Choice products at the Arizona State Capitol grounds for the state's Centennial Celebration. - click here

Original, Natural Fertilizer


The Farms Choice now offers a full array of products for everyone from the large organic vegetable farmer to the home gardener! All of our products are 100% natural. Besides providing growers with a natural, organic fertilizer, this enables Hickman’s to recycle and use the largest output of egg production, chicken manure. It is no secret that chickens produce manure. By converting that by-product into a usable fertilizer, Hickman’s not only enables those who grow things to do so more effectively, it is also good for the environment.

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For establishing new rye grass, long term color, slow and steady growth, The Farms Choice 4-2-2 pellet is your best option!

A spreader is used to apply fertilizer evenly on your lawn and it is controlled by the size of the holes on the bottom. You can adjust this using a thumbscrew by the handle.

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